Precision Injection

Custom manufacturer of molded plastics and plastic fabrication Capabilities including precision injection molding, insert molding, secondary operations, modular tooling (for short or long run requirements), engineering support, hot stamping, sonic welding, milling, drilling, reaming, turning, testing and full product assembly. Our limitless in-house manufacturing capabilities lend or services towards manufacturing durable thermoplastic, panels, gears, cams and various other precision quality molded components.

 In Mold Labeling Injection

We offer a complete solution for automated insertion of labels into injection mold cavities. Actually, in-mold labeling is a rapidly growing method for decorating or blending in a manufactures logo (for example) on plastic components. In-mold labeling is totally customizable and eliminates the need for secondary processes of labeling while it lends structural stability to thin-wall plastic.

 Multi-color Injection

Manufacturing capabilities include single or multi-shot injection molding. Customized multi-color injection molding with specially formulated compounds for custom color matching are merged with our specialized multi-shot molds to create custom tailored products. We can provide most any combination of color mixtures to meet our customers unique requirements.

 Sheet Metal
 CNC / Tooling
 Extrusion / Die Casting
 Plastic Injection
 Sub-System Assembly
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