First Article
We pride ourselves on our flexibility, while striving to maintain the same quality of workmanship in every single piece we build, beginning with your first article. Our experience and advanced fabrication processes allows your concepts, product design and eventual new product introduction to become a reality. As always, we will work closely alongside our clients to ensure this process is being handled in the most delicate, yet quickest manner possible to facilitate sample review and accelerate your product time-to-market. 

Fine precision, yet cost-efficient level stamping is accomplished with rapid automated pressing equipment. Our progressive stamping lines including, Progressive Stamping on Robot Arm Automated Lines
From power capacity of 100 tons to 250 tons, we have 100 stamping stations running simultaneous operations integrated with robot arms automatically feeding sheet metal coiled strip through dies and turn them into products with sophisticated features.
Progressive Stamping on Single Stations
We utilized our stamping dies with cavities of progressive stages such as cutting, bending, coining, shaving, burnishing, extruding, lancing, embossing and drawing, all these dies are driven in high-power (400~800 tons) single stamping machines with production of high efficiency and coherent high quality

 NCT Punching/NC Bending
We have NCT Prototyping lines comprising 25 NCT punching machines and 44 NC bending machines. Our high precision NCT machines are able to be re-programmed with flexibility for modifications of different phases during NPI engineering design.
Our skilled fabricators combine high-speed Numeric Controlled Turret machines are to ensure the highest quality product available with the quickest possible turn time. The State-of-the-art equipment allows single pass, multiple process applications for punching, bending and piercing while continuously maintaining stringent tolerances on even the most complex of projects.
 CNC Laser Cutting
We provide high precision laser cutting for prototyping project with relatively large features and little concern for edge quality. Our Numeric Controlled Laser Cutting machine increases the cutting efficiencies of high precision and repeatability.
Automatically sealed edges, distortion elimination, minimal margins, fine detail and direct integration with cost efficiency accomplished with automated and semi-automated material handling systems are among the many benefits that our laser cutting equipment offers.
 Robot Welding
Our lines of robot welding comprise 8 robots to work for a fast and repeatable precision duties and produce a cost efficient and coherent quality.
EDM Wire/Sinker Cutting
With our in-house Electrical Discharge Machining facility, we build our own molds, jigs and dies for our production. Our EDM can make products with tight tolerance and maintain great finishes. EDM is ideal for creating delicate parts for high-precision requirements with flexibility.
 Sheet Metal
 CNC / Tooling
 Extrusion / Die Casting
 Plastic Injection
 Sub-System Assembly
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